Sunday, January 31, 2010

Undercover Green Smoothie

I'm always on the lookout for yummy, healthy drinks I can introduce to the kids in hopes that they'll eventually enjoy drinking a green smoothie. I met the Green Smoothie Girl in person and tried one of her sample drinks and was pretty much sold on the whole idea. She has revamped her family's nutrition with these drinks. I already owned a Vita-Mix blender and was ready to go to town. The amount of available nutrition in one of these smoothies is incredible. The greens load you up on calcium and the lemon rind provides lots of phytonutrients. The sweetener, agave nectar, has a low glycemic rate, meaning it wont spike your blood sugar and there are recipes to please everyone in your family. They won't even know they're drinking spinach, kale or dandelion greens. I haven't made it passed the spinach and lettuce greens with my family, yet. I was also informed by my 16-year-old that if it were served in a colored glass to hide the green liquid color sedated by fruits I might actually get the 6 and 8 year old's to drink it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Non -Toxic Cleaning Product-

As I have removed chemical cleaning products from our day-to-day life, I have found that when my children and I are exposed to chemical cleaners, we do not respond favorably.
We could be walking down the cleaning product aisle at Target and all of a sudden our throats become irritated and our eyes get red, hence the sensitivity. I could walk in some one's home and get a headache from the cleaning products they use. Boy am I grateful we don't have that in our home environment. One of the services that I offer are green home consultations to help others change over to non-toxic home cleaners. Over time I have found non-toxic cleaning products that are both family and environmentally friendly. We support Seventh Generation products because they list ALL ingredients on their label, you don't see this often. You can find Seventh Generation at most stores, making it easily available. Gone are the days when you could only find health-conscious products at neighborhood health food stores!